Be your own competition

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Nobody can get in the way of your dreams and success like you can. We blame other people for what we could not achieve. We blame the circumstances and the hardships in between. Then when we could not overcome the hard battles, we develop envy and anger. We take that anger out on other people instead of looking deep inside ourselves. Everyone else but me must be the problem. We never hold ourselves accountable for things we should have known or things we should have gotten done. Instead, we look to place blame. Thus, when we see someone achieving and reaching the success we hoped to obtain, we compare ourselves. We ask questions like, why do they get all the luck, why couldn’t that be me? I’ll tell you why; because you were too busy looking around you instead of in the mirror. Your only competition is yourself. Therefore, the only person you should be trying to do or be better than is the person you were yesterday. There is always going to be someone doing what you strive to do, but you cannot look at their life and chase it. You have to chase your own goals. Compare yourself to only you and the rest shall be written thereafter.

The Year 22

March 22, 1996 a Queen was born.

As I get older, the more I become inspired by the idea of creating an impact and doing things that make me happy. Over the past year I have had visions of what success would look like for me. I have made an effort to work towards that and in return the universe has blessed me with new opportunities. I have been able to channel my creativity, writing, and style. Before the age of 22, I was able to learn my purpose on this earth. The truth is, I want to inspire. If there is anything that 22 years of life has taught me thus far, it is to always be yourself and live unapologetically! Here’s to more years of growth and positivity.


Societal Pressure

Societal pressures, due to societal efforts

I am giving and I don’t want to give in

Because I don’t know where that may lead

Will I be alive?

Or remain an outlier.

Life is not clear, or at least not at first.

You go through trials, tribulations and get hurt.

And then question why.

Why am I doing all of this?

Do I have to fit in?

If I’m not successful does that mean I have failed?

Questioning, Questioning

That’s all I ever do. But if I learn nothing else I guess I should learn the truth

About me and why I’m here.

My fears and this pressure keep holding me back.

If I’m not something by 25 is this life a waste?

Am I wasting time?

Should I do more?

Questioning questioning

I feel like I’m losing time.

And if I’m not fulfilling my dreams by 30 I’ve committed a crime that I cannot come back from.

Societal pressures this life keeps giving me

Societal pressures I just want to be free.