Good things come to those who do

After watching Beyoncé’s Homecoming documentary, it was clear to me that she has the best work ethic in the game. Although only performing for two Coachella shows, she trained as if she was embarking on a World Tour. The perseverance and dedication she gave to her Coachella performance is something to admire. After watching I... Continue Reading →

Find Joy in Little Things

Being happy doesn't always have to come from something extravagant. Finding joy in the little things in life can act as baby steps to being happy more often. Working full time can easily make you become overwhelmed and consumed by the projects you're working on. When that happens, it can be hard to take a... Continue Reading →

Shift Your Attitude

You have one life to live, why waste it being in an uncomfortable mood all day? Unpredictable things happen every day, and it is more than valid to be upset, angry, or frustrated. However, when you let these emotions control you and how you move everyday, you are letting those emotions have control over you.... Continue Reading →

Raise your vibration

Everyone has different energy frequencies that allow them to function differently. Some have higher frequencies than others. The higher the frequency the more control you have over your life. When you have a lower frequency, the heavier you feel and the more you let things affect you. Vibrating at a higher frequency means having power... Continue Reading →

You get back what you put out

Happy December! We made it to the last month of the year. Whether this year was the best year ever or the worst, we have all learned lessons that we can take with us into the new year! One of the biggest lessons I have learned is watching the energy you are putting out into... Continue Reading →


  Forgiving does not mean forgetting and vice versa. However, forgiving can be the way to feeling better. The burden you were once holding onto can be released. Therefore, releasing any tension and grudges you were holding. Forgiving can be a new start or getting rid of an old heart and opening a new one.... Continue Reading →

Self Discovery

The great part about life is that we never know where it's going to take us. Just when we think we have everything figured out, it throws us a curve ball. So I stopped. Stopped planning every little detail of my life and started living in the moment and being more spontaneous. My result: self... Continue Reading →

Why your circle matters

I have always been told to watch the company I keep. Like most things at a young age, this went in one ear and out the other. Little did I know that that small saying would be something that I hold close to me later in life. As I get older the more I understand... Continue Reading →

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