Forgiving does not mean forgetting and vice versa. However, forgiving can be the way to feeling better. The burden you were once holding onto can be released. Therefore, releasing any tension and grudges you were holding. Forgiving can be a new start or getting rid of an old heart and opening a new one.... Continue Reading →

Self Discovery

The great part about life is that we never know where it's going to take us. Just when we think we have everything figured out, it throws us a curve ball. So I stopped. Stopped planning every little detail of my life and started living in the moment and being more spontaneous. My result: self... Continue Reading →

I Moved!

Since post graduation I have been planning to move to NYC because their are better job opportunities for the field that I want to be in. NY is filled with different cultures and opportunities awaiting for people to make their impact. I am excited to start living in NY for good and look forward to... Continue Reading →

Not enough time

We all go through life thinking their are not enough hours in the day. I feel that all too often during a time when I have the most time I may ever have again. Prioritizing what needs to be in your day can help in fixing the "not enough time" problem. I was once told... Continue Reading →

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