Tea Tree Oil

Happy Skin Care Sunday!!! As you may or may not know, Oils can be used on the skin and in your hair to help clear acne, strengthen edges, grow hair follicles and more. Typically, people opt for using what are called essential oils because they are known for their volatile scents and good health benefits. My favorite, Tea tree oil, comes from tea or paper bark trees. It derives from Australia and has long been used as an antiseptic. Anyone who has used this oil knows it has the most pungent smell, but, it has some great healing properties which you can find below:

  1. It is an antibacterial oil-It helps to cleanse the hair and skin by eliminating bacteria
  2. It can be applied to cuts-Because it is an antibacterial oil, you can use it to cleanse any cuts or burns as you would with any alcohol or hydrogen peroxide.
  3. It can be used for acne-The oil can help dry out pimples
  4. It can be used for dark spots-Tea Tree oil dies out marks and cleanses them, prohibiting other bacteria to get into or near the skin cells.
  5. It can be used to stop coughs-The aroma of Tea Tree oil is strong enough to take out a cough
  6. It can help grow your hair-It can cleanse the hair of any dandruff and get deep inside the roots of your scalp

Style your fro

One of the many things I love about natural hair, is how versatile it is. Over the past year I have grown to love all of the different hairstyles I am able to achieve. Most recently, I have learned to love my natural afro even more. I find that alot of people don’t like wearing their natural afro because they feel like it doesn’t have as much texture or it looks plain. But, it doesn’t always have to. The best part about the fro, is that you can dress it up or down. Below are some tips to make your fro pop to your perfection!

  1. Add Accessories-you can always add a little more style to your fro by adding clips, pins, flowers, etc.
  2. Add styling creams-If you are looking to add more texture, try adding a style cream to enhance more curls or even adding extra moisture or shine
  3. Add parting-You will be surprised how much of a difference adding a parting space can make to your fro. This can help your fro look more styled than it really is! shhh!
  4. Stretch it out- Afro picks are great for providing extra volume to unstretched hair. Try using an afro pick to achieve more volume and length!
  5. Add color-With summer approaching, adding color to your hair can make it hot or not! Color often makes your curls pop even more, and what better way to make your crown stand out than having it be a different color?

Love your curls

Hey curlfriends!

Going natural and learning to love your natural hair texture can be a long process and no it does not happen overnight. It took me 3 years after my big chop to understand my natural hair and to become comfortable wearing it in all forms. I use my hair as a form of self-expression, yet when it is out in its natural way I started to feel less comfortable. I believe my lessened comfortability came from me not knowing how to take care of my hair. People will say “natural hair is so much work” and although I cannot disagree, it is also all about how you care for your hair. By caring for your hair better, i.e. moisturizing, deep conditioning, protective styling, low manipulation styles, you are helping your natural hair to grow, become healthier, and will enhance the way your hair looks to the eye. Once this happens, you can learn to love your curls. Try to focus on maintaining healthy hair first rather than length and you can begin to see what your hair likes and dislikes. This process is all about trial and error but once you learn what your hair likes, you can begin to like your hair as well. Aafterall, confidence comes from within, your hair just acts as your crown.

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How to make a twist out last on 4C hair?

Hey Curl friends!

Maintaining one go-to hairstyle may be the hardest part of being natural, but if i told you that I can give you some tips and tricks to make your twist out last a week would you believe me and follow suit? Let’s see!

1. Definition!-In order to make a style last, definition is key for us 4C hair chicks. The strength of our hair gives us a hold that can last, if the style we do is done right. In order to maintain definition, it is important that we are applying the right amount of product to our hair to ensure the style turns out just right.

2. Size!-When doing and making a style last on 4C hair, and especially with twist-outs, it is imperative to know what size gives the best definition, and therefore going to last longer. Doing smaller twists, helps this particular style to last longer on our hair because you can unravel the twists as the days go on, making your hair bigger each day.

3. Products!-Believe it or not, the products and the amount of products your use is crucial to making a style last. Not every 4C hair chick loves the same products on their hair. Finding the right cream, lotion, gel, mousse and oil is the first step in this process.

4. Afro Pick!-An afro pick is an essential tool for natural hair, often used to fluff hair out and make it bigger. Using this tool, and fluffing the hair out at the root and not by combing through the twists, will add hours and days to this style.

5. Less is more!-The last step is making sure, you are using minimal products after taking out your twist out. Adding more products can actually weigh this style down and make it appear dull, which is never something you want when dealing with a twit-out you spent at least an hour on.