You get back what you put out

Happy December! We made it to the last month of the year. Whether this year was the best year ever or the worst, we have all learned lessons that we can take with us into the new year! One of the biggest lessons I have learned is watching the energy you are putting out into... Continue Reading →

Beauty Secrets for Anti-Aging Skin

Top 3 beauty secrets for anti-aging skin. 1. Honey-Honey is an antibacterial agent that helps slow down aging, add moisture to the skin which can help prevent wrinkles, is soothing and can help heal burns or scars 2. RoseHip seed Oil-Adds moisture to the skin. A great additive to your daily moisturizer. It helps slow... Continue Reading →

Best Alone Time Activities

We often associate being alone with being lonely. Although you can be both, the two can also be mutually exclusive. Therefore, having things to do that fulfill you while you are alone is important so that you don't confuse the two. Here are some of the best things to do while spending time alone with... Continue Reading →

Why Heartbreaks are not all bad

Getting heartbroken may seem like the worst pain in the world. Mentally, it can take a toll on you and when you start to break down mentally, it can have effects on you physically too. Although it may take a while to get over someone, waiting it out is not the end of the world.... Continue Reading →

Self Care and Mental Health

It's so easy to get lost in work, school, etc. We often work ourselves so hard that taking time for ourselves can make us feel guilty. The stigma that caring for yourself is selfish is slowly dissipating from our minds. So it's time to invest in more self care. Buying yourself those shoes you've wanted... Continue Reading →

Bio Hacking?

If you spend alot of time reading articles like me, than you have probably heard this term before. Bio Hacking sounds terrifying. Yet, it is actually super simple. Bio Hacking is simply, hacking our bodies biology to make changes to our bodies that will help us feel better in the long run. This usually has... Continue Reading →

Be who you are

It is easy to get caught up in being somebody else. Seeing how people react to different personalities and wanting to change yours or to see someone's style and change your own to match.  More often than not, we have all tried to be someone who we were not called to be. We have tried... Continue Reading →


  Forgiving does not mean forgetting and vice versa. However, forgiving can be the way to feeling better. The burden you were once holding onto can be released. Therefore, releasing any tension and grudges you were holding. Forgiving can be a new start or getting rid of an old heart and opening a new one.... Continue Reading →

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