Women’s March NYC 2019

On January 19, 2019 I attended my first Women's March in New York City. The atmosphere was nothing short of passion and warmth. Warmth, coming from the hundreds of thousands of women embracing other women. Smiles and excitement poured through the crowd as we marched against different policies, personal reasons, and most importantly for the... Continue Reading →

Normalizing Being Alone

Why is it that society often views someone being alone as weird or uncommon? Being alone is often a choice one has made. So to look down upon it as if it is a negative can be offensive to the person you are judging for being by themselves. The problem is that we associate being... Continue Reading →

Raise your vibration

Everyone has different energy frequencies that allow them to function differently. Some have higher frequencies than others. The higher the frequency the more control you have over your life. When you have a lower frequency, the heavier you feel and the more you let things affect you. Vibrating at a higher frequency means having power... Continue Reading →

You get back what you put out

Happy December! We made it to the last month of the year. Whether this year was the best year ever or the worst, we have all learned lessons that we can take with us into the new year! One of the biggest lessons I have learned is watching the energy you are putting out into... Continue Reading →

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