Meatless May!

For those of you who know, I was a pescatarian for a year before deciding to eat meat again in February of this year. After indulging in everything I couldn't have over the past year, I decided to test myself again by ditching meat for the month! For the month of May, I will not... Continue Reading →


The term soulmate is used to describe someone who is your other half. Someone who you experience a divine connection with that can never die no matter the shifts in the relationship or life. As of late, I have been thinking about the word soulmate more than ever. After the passing of the late great... Continue Reading →

Are we all problematic?

The word problematic has new meaning. What was once a word known for something being hard or difficult, it is now known as a synonym for messy or offensive. People will tell you you are problematic if you have done something to offend, either purposely or unknowingly. I'd like to think that the problematic people... Continue Reading →

My First Solo Trip!

This year is all about conquering my fears. Two of my biggest fears is solo traveling and planes. What better way to put your fears to rest than by conquering them! On March 18th 2019 I embarked on my first solo trip to New Orleans! New Orleans has been on my bucket list for as... Continue Reading →

Find Joy in Little Things

Being happy doesn't always have to come from something extravagant. Finding joy in the little things in life can act as baby steps to being happy more often. Working full time can easily make you become overwhelmed and consumed by the projects you're working on. When that happens, it can be hard to take a... Continue Reading →

I eat meat again!

One year after I decided to be a pescatarian I made the decision to eat meat once again. The decision to eat meat was not hard at all. In fact, it was more spontaneous than anything. For the past 2 months I had been secretly craving to eat meat. For a whole year I had... Continue Reading →

Believe in Yourself

Having someone who can vouch for you is a great feeling. But when it is all said and done, believing in yourself will serve you the most in the end. Believing in yourself comes from the confidence you have that everything will be okay. Believing in yourself also comes from trusting your abilities. If you... Continue Reading →

Be confident in what you say

It is important to stand your ground with your words. Meaning what you say and not retracting your statements is key in building confidence. If you said it you should mean it. It is so easy to overthink and want to take back what you have said because you are not confident in it. Be... Continue Reading →

Shift Your Attitude

You have one life to live, why waste it being in an uncomfortable mood all day? Unpredictable things happen every day, and it is more than valid to be upset, angry, or frustrated. However, when you let these emotions control you and how you move everyday, you are letting those emotions have control over you.... Continue Reading →

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