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Why your circle matters

I have always been told to watch the company I keep. Like most things at a young age, this went in one ear and out the other. Little did I know that that small saying would be something that I hold close to me later in life. As I get older the more I understand […]


My 4 keys to life

Life can be very overwhelming. Between finding your purpose and finding who you are, it’s so easy to lose yourself in the process. Nobody said it would ever be easy, but if you carried 4 key tips to dealing with life’s ups and downs, maybe your days would feel just a little better. Enjoy my […]


Being the better person

Have you ever felt like you wanted to be better but didn’t know where to start? We have all been in situations where we felt as though something wasn’t worth out time or energy, so we dropped it. But, that probably made us the bigger person, did it make us the better person? Sometimes being […]


Is that your real hair?

Is that your real hair? While sitting in the nail salon, one of the workers proceeded to ask my if my hair was real. I quickly said yes because 1. I felt it was not their business and 2. It is. That’s when I got to thinking, over the years I’ve gotten that question many […]



Recently, I became a college graduate and like most, it was one of the most exciting moments of my life. However, unlike some college graduates, I did not graduate with a full time job offer, something many college graduates seek to obtain. I instead moved to New York City, searching in desperation for a job […]