Women’s March NYC 2019

On January 19, 2019 I attended my first Women’s March in New York City. The atmosphere was nothing short of passion and warmth. Warmth, coming from the hundreds of thousands of women embracing other women. Smiles and excitement poured through the crowd as we marched against different policies, personal reasons, and most importantly for the better treatment of women. As we continued to march it became clear to me that the Women’s March does not have to be inclusive of only women. In fact, it’s important to acknowledge that it should be inclusive of everyone. Although labeled as a women’s march. You don’t need to be a woman to march for women. The experience was amazing and is something I encourage everyone to do. If you pursue women I encourage you to march, if you are surrounded by women in any way I encourage you to march, if a woman has inspired your life in any way I encourage you to march. Despite what we may have believed, this is a woman’s world and we are all just living in it. Pussy is indeed power.

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