Cancel Culture

Since the days of social media, it seems as though cancel culture has become more important. What is it you may ask? Cancel culture is the act of cancelling a celebrity because of past offensive behavior or tweets. Yes, I add tweets. Cancel Culture can be found in other phrashes such as “cancelled.” Most use the phrase cancelled in relation to not caring for someone anymore because of what he or she has done or said. Most recently cancel culture has become more about resurfaced offensive tweets and quickly cancelling someone for such. While most people should think before they speak. Or “Tweet.” We should also be looking into the dates, ages and context of which these things are said. It seems as though cancel culture becomes how quickly you can do it and is based on how much attention is being driven to the offensive tweets/behavior. If a lot, then you can consider yourself “cancelled.” Which basically by now means you are devalued. But is cancel culture more toxic than anything? I believe we should allow people to grow because if we are not allowing humans to grow and evolve we are essentially saying everyone should stay the same, which to me means ignorant. And ignorance is by no means okay, especially not if you’ve made it to 2019! Nevertheless, cancel culture does not seem to allow for the growth of others. We should hold people accountable, yes every time. But, we should also let people prove themselves to be changed figures with time.

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