Normalizing Being Alone

Why is it that society often views someone being alone as weird or uncommon? Being alone is often a choice one has made. So to look down upon it as if it is a negative can be offensive to the person you are judging for being by themselves. The problem is that we associate being alone with being lonely and that is when people start to feel bad for that person. But being alone can mean many things. One can be that someone has chosen to set boundaries. To not let themselves become an attachment to another person. Another can be that someone is on a quest to find their true self and don’t want anyone else to interrupt their independent state of mind. Another could be as simple as, they are passing time while they wait for the next place to go. Doing things alone can be a freeing feeling once you get past the part where you feel like everyone is judging. It allows you to not wait for people and embrace being comfortable in your own skin. Before you pass judgement, think of these possibilities and disassociate the negative in being alone. The more we normalize being alone, the more independence people will develop.

If being alone is your personal choice, here are my top 5 choices for things to do when you’re by yourself.

1. Go to a cafe

2. Go to a museum

3. See a movie

4. Take yourself on a date to your favorite restaurant or try a new one

5. Take a walk in a park

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