2018 Year in Review

One of my favorite things to do is to sit back and reflect on the year i’ve had and to set goals for the upcoming year. Although, I may not have accomplished everything I set out to, I realize that things take time and it’s important to count the things that you did accomplish and most importantly, the things you have learned along the way.

In 2018, I set out to be more fearless and do things that pushed me outside of my comfort zone. One of those things was creating my blog! I wanted to have a space to write about things we all go through as humans and how to cope with everyday life. My blog has been a positive addition to my life, allowing me to release what is on my mind and to learn that I am helping others in the process. SO YAYYYY GO BLOG!

One of the biggest lessons I have learned was to live in the moment. It sounds cliche, but we really don’t realize how much time we spend thinking about the next day or the next month without even finishing the day ahead of us. Did you plan out the rest of your day? Do you even know what you are going to eat for dinner? Most times, it is spontaneous, and that is the beauty of life. Not everything has to be planned, in fact, that makes things better and for me, I find that I enjoy being spontaneous and admiring how much more fun it is to live by the minute. Life is short so, I would rather live knowing that I was enjoying it rather than spending time to plan it before I lived.

Another big lesson for me was not taking everything as a personal attack. I am a defensive person and often feel like things are personal attacks against me when really, alot of people have character flaws. You cannot blame yourself for the flaws of others. Instead, communicate with them and be open with them. Some people don’t even know what they are doing wrong or have done until it is pointed out to them. Be open minded when dealing with people but don’t be so quick to be defensive.

Lastly, before this post gets toooooo long. The last lesson I learned was how to live my life and not let it live me. 2018 was an amazing year filled with so much adventure. You never know hw much time you are wasting until you really start to be/feel apart of life. The experiences I have had helped me to understand that a lot of the time I was just a breathing figure, doing things because I was told to do them and not doing what I wanted or enjoyed. Sort of like a robot. You only have one life to live, spend it creating and living the life you want.

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