A strong third eye?

Third Eye-Intuition.

To be simple put: The third eye, also known as the third eye chakra or sixth sense is something we all possess although some more than others. It is how we perceive things and is a supreme element which allows us to make prediction based on our instincts.

While walking to the gym, I was stopped by a woman. She had made a conscious effort to get my attention so I knew this was serious. “Oh my god” She said. I looked confused thinking “what is this woman about to tell me.” And then she proceeds to tell me I have a really strong third eye. I didn’t ask many questions because I really wanted to workout but it stayed on my mind everyday after.

I did my research and after more into the third eye and realizing what it was and after talking to more people who agreed, I realized this woman might have been right. I am a spiritual person who believes in the energy things possess. I tend not to judge people but look at them in deeper facets. Like their spirit, or the energy that radiates. When something is good energy, I can adapt/open up to it quicker. When it is bad energy or hard to read, I am closed off. If the energy is weird, I remove myself from having any connection with it at all.

The third eye is a sense. How you can tap into it depends on you. If you choose to listen to it, life may not be as difficult. But if you choose to accept it, it can make life simpler. The decisions you make can affect your life so using your third eye to determine your decisions can help/change the outcomes.

Knowing when to use your third eye is also important and not becoming so dependent on it that you start living in delusion or not in the moment enough. If you have ever heard the saying “you are what you make it” than it would be best to apply that when you decide to tap into your third eye.

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