Why your circle matters

I have always been told to watch the company I keep. Like most things at a young age, this went in one ear and out the other. Little did I know that that small saying would be something that I hold close to me later in life. As I get older the more I understand how important it is to keep people around you that are bettering your life. Most times, we keep people in our life for longer than they were supposed to be there. Some people are seasonal, others are permanent. When you learn who is supposed to be in your life for a season and who is there for a reason, you begin to not tolerate any and everyone who comes into your life. You begin to watch how that person is helping you in a positive way? Do they add joy to your life? Do they encourage you? Do they let you know when you’re wrong or you need to get your attitude in check? Are they motivating you to boss up and follow your dreams? These things matter because if you do not have someone in your life asking or telling you these things, that person probably will not be there long. As you begin to evaluate your purpose on earth, do not forget people’s purpose in your life as well.

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