Recently, I became a college graduate and like most, it was one of the most exciting moments of my life. However, unlike some college graduates, I did not graduate with a full time job offer, something many college graduates seek to obtain. I instead moved to New York City, searching in desperation for a job in New York. After not having any success, I decided it was time to refocus. Too much of one thing is never a good thing and I decided that I was spending too much of my time not doing what I enjoyed or what was a passion point for me. Instead of living my life I was watching others live theirs. I noticed I was not happy and the reason why was because I was watching everything around me and not focusing enough on myself. I decided it was time to refocus my energy on things that I love and one of those things is my blog. I stopped blogging because I wanted to take time to focus on myself, not realizing that blogging was helping me to focus on myself because it is what makes me happy. Refocusing on my goals has helped me to regain motivation and to feel better about myself and the future. Sometimes all it takes is reflection to get you back in the right spirit. Staying positive and focusing on things you enjoy can really turn stressful situations into refreshing outcomes.

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