Be your own competition

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Nobody can get in the way of your dreams and success like you can. We blame other people for what we could not achieve. We blame the circumstances and the hardships in between. Then when we could not overcome the hard battles, we develop envy and anger. We take that anger out on other people instead of looking deep inside ourselves. Everyone else but me must be the problem. We never hold ourselves accountable for things we should have known or things we should have gotten done. Instead, we look to place blame. Thus, when we see someone achieving and reaching the success we hoped to obtain, we compare ourselves. We ask questions like, why do they get all the luck, why couldn’t that be me? I’ll tell you why; because you were too busy looking around you instead of in the mirror. Your only competition is yourself. Therefore, the only person you should be trying to do or be better than is the person you were yesterday. There is always going to be someone doing what you strive to do, but you cannot look at their life and chase it. You have to chase your own goals. Compare yourself to only you and the rest shall be written thereafter.

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