The Lazy Effect

Lack of motivation can be the most frustrating thing in the world. You want to be productive yet your body is telling you to stay put. Your mind has ideas and plans it wants to accomplish, but the will to get it done just isn’t there. I too, struggle with this and I call it the Lazy Effect. I often wonder if it’s because I am lazy or my body is telling me to rest. I have days where I know I should be more productive than I am but also don’t make the effort to change anything about that. A big part of that comes from the trust I have within myself. Knowing that I can relax for a day or two without being productive and things will be fine lessens the stress I feel. However, it doesn’t stop the guilt. Being lazy is fun at times, yet you end up feeling terrible about yourself in the end. I wonder if we should try to do one productive thing a day or if it’s simply ok to just sit back and do nothing. Sure society makes us feel bad, but if being “lazy” is what’s best for the betterment of our mental stability, maybe we shouldn’t feel stressed after all.


  1. obeythefro

    Self Care includes doing nothing sometimes! I have definitely been experiencing the Lazy Effect this week! But while I was on the couch I blogged and I made some bracelets lol I guess I was productively lazy lol!


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