Style your fro

One of the many things I love about natural hair, is how versatile it is. Over the past year I have grown to love all of the different hairstyles I am able to achieve. Most recently, I have learned to love my natural afro even more. I find that alot of people don’t like wearing their natural afro because they feel like it doesn’t have as much texture or it looks plain. But, it doesn’t always have to. The best part about the fro, is that you can dress it up or down. Below are some tips to make your fro pop to your perfection!

  1. Add Accessories-you can always add a little more style to your fro by adding clips, pins, flowers, etc.
  2. Add styling creams-If you are looking to add more texture, try adding a style cream to enhance more curls or even adding extra moisture or shine
  3. Add parting-You will be surprised how much of a difference adding a parting space can make to your fro. This can help your fro look more styled than it really is! shhh!
  4. Stretch it out- Afro picks are great for providing extra volume to unstretched hair. Try using an afro pick to achieve more volume and length!
  5. Add color-With summer approaching, adding color to your hair can make it hot or not! Color often makes your curls pop even more, and what better way to make your crown stand out than having it be a different color?

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