Why do we follow trends?

A trend is something that drives alot of interest or attention. Whether it is clothes, hair makeup etc, the media has a way of bringing things to the forefront that often times we do not see or hear about. One of these things, are trends. The media has a way of helping start trends because of the amount of traffic social media sites and blogs get. However, often times the media has a way of  skewing our thoughts and invoking new ones we probably would not have thought of without the help of the media. If it wasn’t a media trend would you still do it? Are we doing it for the aesthetic or to please society and our instagram feeds? Do you follow trends because everyone else is following them and it looks cooler to follow? or do you resist the temptation and not follow the trends at all? Today, it seems as though people follow trends because it will make them stand out. But the way I see it, it only makes you blend in. However, if you truly like the trend, by all means you should do what you like. But, if that trend is something you don’t really like or enjoy, why do something that your heart isn’t into? Don’t be afraid to stand out from the crowd with your own insight on a topic, your own fashion sense, etc. You don’t always have to follow trends just because the media leads you to believe you do.

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