How do you define a role model?

When people have an admiration for a person, they usually go on to refer to them as a role model. Usually, this person has gone above and beyond to prove that they are to be held to a higher standard because they have carried themselves graciously. But is it impossible to be a role model? Society holds people to a specific standard depending on who they are. People from the likes of Michelle Obama, Lebron James, Oprah, etc.  can be considered role models because of the many people they inspire and the impact they have on society. Is holding people to a higher expectation a good thing? Or are we asking too much of people who probably did not want to be in this position in the first place? The word role model can feel like an undoubtedly big task. Should we delete the term role model from our vocabulary? Should we instead replace it with phrases like “I look up to that person” or “He or she inspires me.” Now granted, there are people who aspire to be role models for the youth but those who don’t, should we be expecting them to be perfect at all times? Since Role models ar held to a higher standard, they have little room to make mistakes and people don’t always see them as flawed. But the truth is, everyone is a little flawed and nobody is perfec,  so we should stop expecting others to be. There will always be people who look to inspire the people in this world, and then there are those who will say it is their passion to make an impact. Those who want to be a role model will coin that term for themselves, but I believe those who don’t will leave room for another term or phrase to be said about them.

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