Love your curls

Hey curlfriends!

Going natural and learning to love your natural hair texture can be a long process and no it does not happen overnight. It took me 3 years after my big chop to understand my natural hair and to become comfortable wearing it in all forms. I use my hair as a form of self-expression, yet when it is out in its natural way I started to feel less comfortable. I believe my lessened comfortability came from me not knowing how to take care of my hair. People will say “natural hair is so much work” and although I cannot disagree, it is also all about how you care for your hair. By caring for your hair better, i.e. moisturizing, deep conditioning, protective styling, low manipulation styles, you are helping your natural hair to grow, become healthier, and will enhance the way your hair looks to the eye. Once this happens, you can learn to love your curls. Try to focus on maintaining healthy hair first rather than length and you can begin to see what your hair likes and dislikes. This process is all about trial and error but once you learn what your hair likes, you can begin to like your hair as well. Aafterall, confidence comes from within, your hair just acts as your crown.

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