It’s not Regret

Have you ever made a decision and then turned around and wished you never made that decision? Yes, I’m sure you have and we all have. Most people however, will refer to this as a regret. You regret the decision you just made because you are ashamed of what just happened or upset. But because you made that decision, you ended up learning more than you did if you never made it. It’s not regret you should feel, instead you should look into every thing as a learning experience. If you gained something from a decison and or choice in life, then that is an experience. A new experience you did not have before, and therefore you should be thankful. We spend so much time regretting things, and not looking at the value of what we are looking at as a regret. If you regret the fact that you didn’t study for that test, you learned something. Why? Now, you know what you need to do differently, and that is study! You learned something from that and hopefully have a chance to use it to your advantage. But, not harvesting regret starts with you and ends with you. If you want to see things differently, try seeing the positive instead of the negative.

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