Stop Suppressing Your Anger

Everyone has their trigger points. Things that make them happy, sad, and yes, angry. It is okay to have emotions and to let those emotions fuel you into doing something great or positive. But when you suppress your anger, you are slowly letting it control who you are and how you react to things that occur in your everyday life. Represssed anger can come from trauma or just stress. Regardless, this emotion shouldn’t make you feel like you are never good enough for anything. In order to stop suppressing your anger, you need to admit the problem at hand. If you solve your problems by simply not addressing them, then of course you can’t expect to get change. But if you own up to your anguished feelings, you can begin to expect different results in your life. If you feel as though suppressing your anger may be something you are going through, find a new way to channel that energy. For example, some people find comfort in exercising or screaming. Some like to talk things out or meditate. I find the best way to release the negative tension, is to breathe in and out until you feel lighter. Releasing tension can be the start of letting go. And once you let go, you can begin to restore.

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