Everything I’m not made me everything I am

I’m not an extrovert.

You don’t need to be

Life has a way of throwing extroverts at you and letting you feel as though that is your only option.

Be that or be nothing.


Be you.

Be unapologetically you.

I know a lot of observers, they make the best visionaries.

They have the best personalities and no one will know. Why? Because I’m not loud or assertive enough for you?

But I’m here.

In all my glory. Standing so far out of this world you can’t even see because you are so far away. Not in the literal sense but in the mind. You’ve been poisoned to think introverts are weird, standoffish, stuck-up.

But you are so vain.

We aren’t even looking at you. We are looking through you.

We can sense your pain, your fake smile, your insecurities.

You want to be heard too but express it in the most obvious way.

That’s how most people are trained. To gravitate toward the loudest person in the room.

What if I told you that the loudest person isn’t always the most confident, the most secure, the most fearless. Would you not idolize them? Would you lead instead of follow? And would you be yourself. The self that introverts know all along. Some of us, we like to be alone, to spend time with ourselves. In return we develop a sense of awareness, so that by the time you even realize it we are miles ahead.

It’s okay, this isn’t meant to bash you or behoove you.

Extroverts are the plant. Introverts are the soil. Deeply overlooked, grossly undervalued, and never too much.

I don’t need to laugh or smile to show how happy I am. I am happy because I am me.

And Everything I’m not made me everything I am.

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