Passive Agressive


What is it you’re showing me?

Anger and kindness all in one?

I get people have mixed emotions but I don’t understand

If you’re mad at me then let me know

If not, let it go

If you have no hard feelings then why did you just shun me


Now you want to smile

I don’t understand

This emotion comes and goes?

That’s what you want me to think?

No that emotion was there this whole time

You just want to avoid the truth that you despise me and are afraid of my reaction

But, I’m not seeking beef. I’m seeking a resolution

See if we just talk it out we’d get better execution if you would just stop.

Bundling all of these emotions and for what?

For you to be upset with yourself that you did not tell the truth

All this passiveness and all this aggression you built up isn’t even worth it

Let this be a lesson. Let go and resolve

For what you won’t solve will linger.

Passive Agressive

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