Dates: March 21-April 19

After months of waiting, astrological sign Aries has FINALLY arrived! Aries is ruled by the planet Mars which is a fiery planet, which is also why the element for Aries is actually fire. The planet of Mars is also deemed as the warrior planet. This plays into the energy of Aries who are head strong, fierce, agressive, passionate, and driven people. Aries can also be the most misunderstood sign of them all, mostly because they are hard to read, yet, when you get to know Aries, you will want them in your life. If you lose an Aries, trust it will be hard to get them back due to the fact that they look forward and not back. Aries are natural born dreamers, and once they get something in their minds, that cannot be changed unless by the universe or themselves. Aries are sweet in nature and want to attract those with the same spirits. Their personalities are one of a kind and they wish to spread love unto others. If you meet this warrior sign, do not be intimidated by their bold nature, instead embrace them and listen. It is sure to be a fun ride when interacting with us Aries. To all my fellow Aries, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

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