Societal Pressure

Societal pressures, due to societal efforts

I am giving and I don’t want to give in

Because I don’t know where that may lead

Will I be alive?

Or remain an outlier.

Life is not clear, or at least not at first.

You go through trials, tribulations and get hurt.

And then question why.

Why am I doing all of this?

Do I have to fit in?

If I’m not successful does that mean I have failed?

Questioning, Questioning

That’s all I ever do. But if I learn nothing else I guess I should learn the truth

About me and why I’m here.

My fears and this pressure keep holding me back.

If I’m not something by 25 is this life a waste?

Am I wasting time?

Should I do more?

Questioning questioning

I feel like I’m losing time.

And if I’m not fulfilling my dreams by 30 I’ve committed a crime that I cannot come back from.

Societal pressures this life keeps giving me

Societal pressures I just want to be free.


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