Why not caring has made me happier

Living in your truth isn’t always the easiest advice to follow. I wish everyone could do that, and be themselves. I am an advocate for being yourself, but it wasn’t until I stopped caring about what other people thought of me, that I was able to be who I really am. There is never a rush to stop caring. It is something you cannot force, sometimes it comes to people earlier in life, most in the latter parts of their life. Not caring has made me happier. I feel as if there is a shift in my energy. I no longer harvest hurt in my heart and I wish for everyone to be blessed. Wishing blessings upon people has become something that has given me less stress and because I am not as stressed, I am happier. I am able to clear my mind because I am not worried what people will think, I am able to live more freely and not be constrained by my own thoughts. A clear mind has led me to a happy heart.


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