Her Story

When you look at me what do you see?

Beauty, Brains, Ugly, Vain?

I’ll tell you what I see, eyes staring back at me

It gives me great anxiety but  I know that I should not be afraid

Everyone goes through this, some handle it better than others

See this is life, but to many this is a struggle

It only deepens the more we venture out

We wish to appear confident, and happy but that person inside is not letting up

We crumble and hide, hoping someone will find us, and hear us out

Instead, everyone looks and we see the confusion on their faces

Why are they staring? Am i letting it show?

I must be the only one who suffers and that is why no one must know

But those eyes, they struggle too

Some depression, some anger, some self-esteem

You are not alone, let it be known

Everyone has a story, a burden they bear

Most just keep private, it’s too much to share

But you are not alone, you will overcome

and be able to tell and share your story with everyone.

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