How to make a twist out last on 4C hair?

Hey Curl friends!

Maintaining one go-to hairstyle may be the hardest part of being natural, but if i told you that I can give you some tips and tricks to make your twist out last a week would you believe me and follow suit? Let’s see!

1. Definition!-In order to make a style last, definition is key for us 4C hair chicks. The strength of our hair gives us a hold that can last, if the style we do is done right. In order to maintain definition, it is important that we are applying the right amount of product to our hair to ensure the style turns out just right.

2. Size!-When doing and making a style last on 4C hair, and especially with twist-outs, it is imperative to know what size gives the best definition, and therefore going to last longer. Doing smaller twists, helps this particular style to last longer on our hair because you can unravel the twists as the days go on, making your hair bigger each day.

3. Products!-Believe it or not, the products and the amount of products your use is crucial to making a style last. Not every 4C hair chick loves the same products on their hair. Finding the right cream, lotion, gel, mousse and oil is the first step in this process.

4. Afro Pick!-An afro pick is an essential tool for natural hair, often used to fluff hair out and make it bigger. Using this tool, and fluffing the hair out at the root and not by combing through the twists, will add hours and days to this style.

5. Less is more!-The last step is making sure, you are using minimal products after taking out your twist out. Adding more products can actually weigh this style down and make it appear dull, which is never something you want when dealing with a twit-out you spent at least an hour on.


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