Stop Apologizing

Do you ever find yourself apologizing for something that never needed an apology?

If you have done something wrong, and their is a mutual feeling of wrong doing, then an apology should ensue. It is when you start to apologize for everything you do, that makes apologizing uncomfortable. The reason why apologizing for everything can be a bad thing is that you are making yourself a yes man/woman. Essentially apologizing for everything can make you seem submissive and as if you do not have a mind of your own. It can give off the notion that while you know what you are doing is not wrong per-se, you are willing to apologize to make someone else feel better or in control. Apologizing or sorry as we know it, is a defense mechanism to avoid confrontation or what we feel like may be an awkward moment between people. Although challenging, we must stop apologizing for things we are not sorry for. It only weighs on our self esteems and can make us look weak. If you bump into someone and it was not your fault, before saying sorry, try to say excuse me. Often times, people are willing to see the mistake if you are not the one to jump so quickly to an apology. Try to practice new techniques and vocabulary the next time you feel the urge to apologize. Everything does not need an apology and it is okay not to give one.

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