Oily Skin Tips!!!

Yes, I too have oily skin.

Before you get all sad and depressed, smile! This is not to be seen as a problem, instead embrace it.

What causes the skin to be “oily?”

Oily skin also known as seborrhea occurs when your pores become blogged and in return your skin produces excess oil. Those with oily skin are more susceptible to acne, acne scarring, and large pores.

Having oily skin can seem like a curse. But it is actually a gift! Here are some tips to dealing with your oil secretion.

  1. MOISTURIZE!!!!-Moisturizing oily skin may seem like a contradiction, but it is actually beneficial to do so. When oily skin is not moisturized enough, the skin will overcompensate by producing more oil. So, you are actually not doing yourself a favor by not moisturizing
  2. Consistency!!!!-Having a consistent skin care regimen is essential for those of us with oily skin. When our skin is acclimated to the regimen, it is less likely you will get new or constant pimples
  3. Sleep!!!!-Believe it or not, sleep plays a pivotal role in how our skin reacts. By knowing how much sleep your body needs in order for your skin to function at its best, you can prepare to keep oil down and have your skin looking flawless!
  4. Blotting!!!-Blotting is usually a term synonymous with makeup, but just because you do not have makeup on, does not mean you cannot blot. Keeping blotting sheets around can ensure you keep oil down when you are on the go.
  5. Makeup-Be sure to check ingredients on makeup bottles/packaging. Liquid Foundations usually cause oily skin to produce more oil. Be sure to use a mattifying primer and or a powder to help keep the oil to a minimum.


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