When you compare yourself

Repeat after me.

I am worth it, I am enough, I am beautiful, I am unique, I am me.

How did that feel? I hope you felt a sense of relief after saying those words. Why? Because it is true. We often compare ourselves to others, whether the physical or the mental. We admire other attributes about a person and wish they were our own. When someone possesses something we want, we tend to get jealous and look for validation within our friends and family. When you compare yourself, you are denying your value. You are asking, am I beautiful like them? Am I intelligent like them? Am I charming like them? If I am not, what can I do to possess attributes like this person? So, instead of being who you are, you are now aspiring to be someone else, not even realizing that what makes that person who they are, is by being themselves and honing in on the strong characteristics they possess. Instead of comparing yourself, you should find what makes you unique. Everybody has unique characteristics about themselves. It may  be the way you walk, or the way you talk, or your smile, or a certain talent or skill you have. I encourage you to dig deep this week, repeat the words above and do some soul searching. What makes us all unique is the fact that we are all different and although we may endure some of the same experiences, we are all our own person, and instead of trying to be like or wish to be like someone else, you should spend time with yourself. If that means you need to be alone for a day, or take a social media break; clear your mind and remind yourself that your qualities are lovable and enough because the only affirmation you need is from yourself.

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