Antisocial Extrovert

No nothing is wrong with me, I can speak for myself.

I just don’t feel like speaking right now, I want to be by self.

No I don’t need an earful, really that’s ok

I’d rather be alone, sorry if that’s a dismay.

I’ll speak when I want to, on my own terms

I do what I want , it’s not your concern.

Sometimes I take pride in self-care

Don’t make me feel guilty that’s not something you share


meaning all about me.

That’s not mean that’s how I want it to be.

When I am ready, I will give myself to others.

That does not make me selfish.

I am prepearing myself to be the best version of me

Stop questioning, why can’t you see

I enjoy the company of myself and others too

but this is not something I conjured up out of the blue

I am antisocial for a reason

I am extroverted when I am at my comfort

Put the two together and you won’t get hurt.

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