An ode to my Sisters


“The most disrespected woman in America is the black woman.”- Malcom X

Unique is her beauty, opposite of those of her peers.

For she is a queen but she has fears, of breaking down her walls and outshining the competition, for if she does, she may be different.

This world is cold, but her heart is warm.

Ready to love and ready to conquer whatever is put in front of her.

She is strong but that is not the only adjective that should be used to describe her when you think of her.

She is decadent and not just in the physical sense because we know that when you look at her through your lense that is what you see but see that is all you do is see and not hear.

She has a voice too and it is all too powerful, like a lotus flower when she speaks the words blossom into passion and intelligience.

If you do not listen to her, these are things you may miss.

She is not a cry for help, she wants to help but her strife is caused by those who choose to loathe in the other direction and not pay attention.

My sisters are queens, overlooked because you think she’s mean?

No-she is one of a kind. A sign to lead you in the right direction, and teach you what cannot be taught through a textbook.

God’s greatest gift, radiant energy, for when I see her I know she is half of me and it makes me proud that we wear the same crown.

My sister.


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